Digital magazines are simply a PDF document formatted in a magazine layout. Many of the old ebooks could easily be converted to digital Magazines.

Many traditional magazines convert their content into digital format however they are hard to read on mobile or tablet screens.

For this reason it is a lot better to simplify the page layout to allow these devices to read them as they tend to be the audience.

So you would make digital magazines single page each and only one or two column plus use slightly larger font size. This will assure easy reading on a variety of devices.


Digital Magazines Covers

What really makes digital magazines what they are is the cover design. This is because they are not similar to other pdf documents.

As you look at the one above you will see it looks like a magazine because of the layout. Most digital magazines should follow this same format so people know what to expect.

It is important for a magazine to be consistent in design, not only from one page to another, but also from one edition to the next one.  It’s like web design, changing your page’s design too often will not help you build a strong visual identity.

Now I’m not saying everything has to look exactly the same, but I would set up my positioning, grids and guides and use them for every cover that I designed for a specific magazine.

digital-magazine-cover masterhead

Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the cover and why. Which colors or set of colors should you use and the impact they have on the readers’ mind. It can be intriguing, fascinating  or stand out; either way, you need a lot of time to think about it.

In our course we show you how to make these covers and then also add some special formatting.

There are many other elements we can help you with such as where to distribute you digital magazines, where to find content for your digital magazines and much more.

Our Digital Magazines are especially designed to read on Tablets so are small PDF files that can also be viewed on laptops and desktop computers. Download our Crowd Funding one to get an idea of production.



Crowd Funding Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines for Business.

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