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I have just created a new magazine all  about Product Creation and you can download for free.

In it we look at How to pick a product and then how to put it together. It is designed so you can read on any device even your Mobile Smartphone.

A little More About Me

I started off my online career in 1998 while working as a accounts clerk. For five years I tried different things in my spare time from affiliate products to learning to build websites etc to software and training.

Websites has definitely become a foundation of my business over the last 20 years as products come and go but people always want websites.

Also being able to build your own can create many other opportunities. Learning how to write, do simple graphics etc all helps in the production side of most things online.

My product development career started in 1998 when I moved to Brisbane Australia from Nowra NSW with my wife and four young boys.

Most of my life was as a worker in factories or offices and my foray into business in Nowra ended in me going bankrupt in the early 90s due to 24% interest rates.

I decided never to go into business again but then came our move to Brisbane and the Internet. I went to college and was interned at 45 and started to learn computers for a magazine distribution business and
also built my first website.

Read More in my latest magazine

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