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Target Millions of Customers With Your Own Digital Magazine Without The Huge Cost Or Dealing With Providers!.

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Magazine Front Covers

Discover our secrets to great looking front covers

This is what stumps a lot of newbie publishers however this will make it so easy for you and make your Magazine Pop. Very little skill required

I use an old version of Photoshop but also provide alternatives. I also provide templates and resources to get you started. Download your Catalogue Here 2.5 MB


Content and Layout

Quality Content and Layout Are The Keys To Success!

A magazine requires content and we will show great places to find it and you can also write your own. Product reviews, affiliate products and so much more…

Use a simple Layout so it can be read on multiple devices and still look good. Your market is huge when you add Mobiles iPads Androids and desktops.

Distribution and Marketing

Your Digital Magazine Tutorials Will Be Available Instantly

The best thing is your magazine can be taken with them when travelling to work, holidays and opens up a whole new range of possibilities for you and your clients. No connection required!

We take you through every aspect and while your first Magazine may take a while the next ones will be a lot quicker. We like to give ours away and build our subscriber base and then sell advertising and other products. Download My QR Code Magazine Here 1.9 MB

Watch this video to get an idea of what you will be learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Videos Are There?

6 over my sholder videos taking you through all the aspects of how to create digital magazines for yourself or your clients

do you supply all the templates?

Yes we have a wide range of resources and you can also download the videos for offline viewing.

How many magazines can i make?

Unlimited magazines as we show you how and then you can use that information to make as many as you want.

why do you take donations?

 I used to charge $25 for these tutorials and we gave a potion to charity so I think the info is great so if you do a small donation it covers hosting etc and also helps the charities.

do you have any other training?

Yes we have a number of Free training site which we will share in the tutorials.

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